June 21, 2018


Black and white thinking

A thought occurred to me today.

Caitlyn (my therapist) and I have talked about my “black and white” thinking for a while now. And I never could really think of myself doing it. But today, I became aware of it by experiencing a mediocre day. And I have been experiencing a lot of discomfort.

I am so used to my world being extremely one way or another. Sometimes things are really great! I’ll feel on top of the world. But I also feel the exact extreme opposite at times. Everything is bad and I make bad decisions. I go all the way.

I’m trying to learn how to live in the middle. Where things aren’t either all bad or all good.

Why is this so hard??

Spiritual thoughts 💭

Do we all create our own worlds? Is perception really everything? Are some people so busy in their own minds that they create their own world, either positive or negative depending on what they believe it to be?

Being mindful and living in the moment allows you to experience the moment for what it really is, instead of the world created in the mind. And it just might be a bit more pleasant than the negative perception my mind creates so much of the time.